Thursday, 5 December 2013

Swimming Recat

swimming pool we did some lessons kicking and
floating on our backs. I did some circles around the pool it
was fun . Water was warm and blue we had some challenges of going fast to the end of the pool.I splashed water everywhere popped my head under the water to touch the bottom.My arms and legs was sore going across the water doing freestyle and kicking.l had a cool time at swimming with Jillian we had free time then it was time to get out.l climbed  up the steps to grab my towel and  go change in the tent. I had a great times  because we got out of the pools and get our uonafoms  reding because we need to go to play at the swimming pool again
and we have a  Free Times  together  and all the boys have make a amicsesoks together .  because . We need to Do  something  is going

good together