Friday, 5 December 2014

Typing test

Your best: 119  Corrected CPM:  107  WPM:  21  Time left:  0  Restart   EN NL
Your score: 107 CPM (that is 21 WPM)
Your score beats or equals 13.71% of all.
In reality, you typed 109 CPM, but you made 1 mistake (out of 23 words), which was not counted in the corrected scores.
Your mistake was:
  • Instead of "unit", you typed "u".

Q & A

What should I do if my hands begin to hurt?

Typing speed test

Your best: 119  Corrected CPM:  119  WPM:  24  Time left:  0  Restart   EN NL
Your score: 119 CPM (that is 24 WPM)
Your score beats or equals 18.77% of all.
Congratulations! You typed all 25 words correctly!

Firday 15 Decmeber  This Week i got 119 my score