Friday, 21 October 2016

illustration Writing

I Thought i lost my Mind. : On A Greep Sound Coming From my house and that greep sound were my Little Cousin and they were doing some Greep thing to me that i will get scared and When 5 Mins Ago I Was still hearing Greeping noise and It Was going to be an real thing that i shouted do when i am scared and i was screaming out loud and i told my mum and Dad that my cousin house was kind of geep noise on the house and i was so much experience this for a long time ago when i was 5 years old and I wanted to cover me and put headphones on and listen to the music and I Heard Greep noise coming up and down and then When Greep sound was going to finish i was so happy that it was gone and wish It dosen do it again and again any more

I Thought i Lost My Mind on that Greep Noise.


Then I told my Parents then they Would not Listen!                                     

Friday, 14 October 2016

Margaret Aylward

Thursday 13th October 2016

Margaret Louisa Aylward was born in Waterford on November 23rd 1810. She was the fifth child of William Aylward and Ellen Murphy. Her father helped establish a group that helped unfortunate citizens.

Thomas Meagher, father of Thomas Francis Meagher was one of the Margaret Aylward’s most prized person.   

Margaret Louisa Aylward had a strong connection with Br Rice and the christian brothers and have already notice about their uncles connection. Also Margaret and the christian brothers help the irish children's needs by putting them in a school with a help called the presentation sisters.

Margaret Aylward received her early education in a small Quaker school in Waterford. She stayed at home in Waterford for four years, teaching in the convent and working in a charity pawn shop. Margaret also joined in 1834 receiving the religious name Sr. Mary Alphonsus Ligouri.  
Margaret She was attempted to be an Charity and She was Explaining About Her Death and When She Died and It Was October (11) 1889 And Thee aged 79 Years old.                                     

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Monday, 19 September 2016

Protect Test Resdalts

Today I Been working on my own Protect today and i didn't improved my maths but i have got 26/60 and the time was 35m to 30 seconds and i hope that i can achieved my maths Protect that all i have did Today in my maths Protect and I have hope that i do my maths Protect. 

Thursday, 1 September 2016

My Maths Achievement

Drying The Morning We Had Have Been Doing Maths And I Was Almost Achieve My Learning This Thursday Morning And I Find It Had to Do Maths. 

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Manu's Sience Roadshow

Tuesday 31 May

Today We Went To The Tamaki College To Go See The Science show to have a look how does things work and how does Science come above after that we were divided into groups

And I Went A Parents To The Science Show and We went to gate and we Stop In The Fount of the Tamaki Offices and we all came altogether and We Meet Everyone in The Fount Of The Offices and we went to the fount of the Whole and waited for someone to come take us in the whole and their was Students over their bring Us In the Whole To The Science People that is going to performed in the fount Of Us And Welcoming Us To The Science Show and Projects and we hear from them that we have to get a card each and everyone have to get all 4 of them push of and you will win a prize and the Man Showed Us Some Science things with the woman and the Man Dived Us To Our Groups and we all went and we had fun On Roadshow Science.