Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Manu's Sience Roadshow

Tuesday 31 May

Today We Went To The Tamaki College To Go See The Science show to have a look how does things work and how does Science come above after that we were divided into groups

And I Went A Parents To The Science Show and We went to gate and we Stop In The Fount of the Tamaki Offices and we all came altogether and We Meet Everyone in The Fount Of The Offices and we went to the fount of the Whole and waited for someone to come take us in the whole and their was Students over their bring Us In the Whole To The Science People that is going to performed in the fount Of Us And Welcoming Us To The Science Show and Projects and we hear from them that we have to get a card each and everyone have to get all 4 of them push of and you will win a prize and the Man Showed Us Some Science things with the woman and the Man Dived Us To Our Groups and we all went and we had fun On Roadshow Science.