Friday, 12 February 2016

all about me

Narrative Writing

Thursday 11 Feb

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Use the following guide to help you:- what is happening?
A crocodile is trying to get on the boat.

 what are they doing?
The man is trying to get the crocodile off the boat
where are they?
In the middle of the sea.
who are they?
A man and a crocodile
and describe the things you see.
The man is standing up in the boat trying to get rid of the crocodile.

What might go wrong in this picture?
The boat could tip over.

How might that situation be solved?
The man needs to start the motor.

Who will  help?
The man has to help himself.

Writing Term 1 2016

Tuesday 9 February 2016

Tuesday 8 February’ 2016 On Monday Yesterday i woke up and went for a shower on 7:00am before We go to My Friend's house and When i finished Showed i came out and went to the bathroom tub and Turn it on and start washing my face and brushing my teeth and when i finally went for a shower and washing my face and brushing my teeth

Then i crap my towel and dry myself i went to My Bedroom and put on some clothes and put on my socks and put on my shoes on and When i finished Putting on some clothes and putting on my socks and putting on my shoes then i went to the kitchen drink My Tea and eating my crackers

and someone from My Church member’s came to my House and knock and knock on My house and so my Dad open the door and they say that i and my brother have to go to okahu bay to have a swim and then i crap my bag and crap my swimming clothes and went off to pick another Church Member up and get going to okahu bay to have a swim in the hot day

and i had exciting day at the beach at okahu and.

Bloging 2016

Greeting 2016

Kia ora,  malo e lelei and Welcome back to another year of learning. I am in Room 7 and I am 12 years of Age and I am a year 8 Student at St Pius X Catholic School. I am looking forward to my Learning this year. When I finish intermediate i’ll be going to Glendowie College.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Frist day at School

On frist day at school It waas so allsome because i had a new teacher mrs Tui and mrs Deeney But i Made new firend's On the frist day Mrs Cocerly Read out of the names of chilldren and kid's to their new classrooom and When I came back in my Very Frist day and i had so fun in the frist daay in the school