Friday, 21 October 2016

illustration Writing

I Thought i lost my Mind. : On A Greep Sound Coming From my house and that greep sound were my Little Cousin and they were doing some Greep thing to me that i will get scared and When 5 Mins Ago I Was still hearing Greeping noise and It Was going to be an real thing that i shouted do when i am scared and i was screaming out loud and i told my mum and Dad that my cousin house was kind of geep noise on the house and i was so much experience this for a long time ago when i was 5 years old and I wanted to cover me and put headphones on and listen to the music and I Heard Greep noise coming up and down and then When Greep sound was going to finish i was so happy that it was gone and wish It dosen do it again and again any more

I Thought i Lost My Mind on that Greep Noise.


Then I told my Parents then they Would not Listen!                                     

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