Friday, 12 February 2016

Writing Term 1 2016

Tuesday 9 February 2016

Tuesday 8 February’ 2016 On Monday Yesterday i woke up and went for a shower on 7:00am before We go to My Friend's house and When i finished Showed i came out and went to the bathroom tub and Turn it on and start washing my face and brushing my teeth and when i finally went for a shower and washing my face and brushing my teeth

Then i crap my towel and dry myself i went to My Bedroom and put on some clothes and put on my socks and put on my shoes on and When i finished Putting on some clothes and putting on my socks and putting on my shoes then i went to the kitchen drink My Tea and eating my crackers

and someone from My Church member’s came to my House and knock and knock on My house and so my Dad open the door and they say that i and my brother have to go to okahu bay to have a swim and then i crap my bag and crap my swimming clothes and went off to pick another Church Member up and get going to okahu bay to have a swim in the hot day

and i had exciting day at the beach at okahu and.

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