Friday, 11 March 2016

My Narrative Structure

Structure of Narrative Story

Where did it took place: When did it happened:  Who is ?in the story

  • Where - Tonga

  • When - Chief House  

Who - Ma‘afu & Brother & Muihātafa, & Ma'afu Lele

COMPLICATION - What is the problem?

The Brothers Didn’t Listen to thee oldest

What He Have to them to Do and The two Brothers Didn’t listen because they were checked.

and the chief told them stop stop and the brothers didn’t listen
SEQUENCE OF EVENT - Plot -  What happened in sequence?  You can bullet point the main events.

The Two Sons Didn’t listen To The Dad

  • Morning Time

  • Lunch Time
  • Afternoon

  • Night Time  

RESOLUTION - How was the problem solved?

The Chief Solved the problem.

And The Chief Stop Charting.


After all the of their work  they have did everything went well.

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